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this is the post that i have to reply Medicine is always changing and evolving



this is the post that i have to replyMedicine is always changing and evolving especially in the middle of apandemic. Everywhere we look there is new protocols, new strains, andmore information. While it may be difficult to say what I can be addingto my practice years in advance due to the always continuing findings inmedicine, I can keep up on current medicine trends to make my practiceday by day. A big spike we saw during Covid-19 is a highlight inpsychiatric medicine, highlighting the importance of mental health. TheEuropean Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) has identifiedfactors of psychology and are constantly working to create guidelines,new actions, and spread resources to use across the psychiatric field.Some ideas they have identified is the strain that social distancing hascaused on people especially for populations that are vulnerable, suchas the elderly. The pandemic has brought increasing access topsychiatric care and a quickness to respond (Karayianni et al., 2022).Healthcare workers who were on the frontline are not exempt from theeffects of psychiatric harm. In fact, healthcare workers were found tobe in psychological distress. Higher levels of stress were to be foundamong healthcare workers which when left untreated can cause more issueswith mental health. A Spanish study has identified the Covid-19pandemic has having the largest psychological impact on healthcareworkers. There has been helped such has therapy, on-line support,classes to guide mindfulness, and more to bring forth mental health andwellness in healthcare workers (Romero et al., 2020).With mental health being talked about more frequently, in my nursingpractice I strive to ensure psychiatric help for myself, my coworkers,my patients, and more. I allow open conversations with my patients toallow them to air their thoughts. I also ensure their home psychiatricmedications are on board their current plan of care while hospitalized.If the hospital, is unable to provide the medications for whateverreason I consult with the pharmacist and physician to allow them to taketheir home medications. I also consistently am educating my coworkersabout stigmas surrounding mental health and common treatments andsymptoms for certain disorders. Having a continuous education on mentalhealth for everyone allows for safe treatment of patients while remaincautious as healthcare workers. I will continue to take mental healthdays off of work as I see fit. Burnout due to stress can often triggermore mental health issues, and that is not something anyone wants. A bigpart of ensuring mental wellness ensues on a day to day and allow us totake care of our patients is if we take care of ourselves.

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