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  • this project deal with time control unit for microwave landing system

this project deal with time control unit for microwave landing system


e requirements below may be considered Design Requirements, but may affect either your
functional or performance requirements.
2.1 Antenna Switching
All teams shall assume that the system utilizes an eight-way antenna switch (SP8T) that
connects the radio frequency energy to one of eight antennas as indicated in Table 1.
Table 1 was modified as part of Rev 1.
Table 1 Antenna Switch Notation for TCU/SSIM Interface (rev 1)
Antenna Max sine wave
Used in these MLS functions
0 IDENT/DATA 1 All (all data transmissions, i.e. all
DPSK, including preambles for all
1 L-OCI 0.5 AZ, BAZ, not used for EL
2 Rear/U-OCI 0.25 AZ,BAZ,EL
3 Right OCI 0.125 AZ,BAZ, not used for EL
4 Not used Not used Not used
5 Scanning Beam
6 Off 0 Default position
7 Test 0 Not used in this project.Page: 2
21_CMPE349_01 Clarifications of TCU-SSIM Miniprojects rev1.docx saved 2/24/21 9:13:00 AM
printed 2/24/21 9:13:00 AM
2.2 Sequence, Sub-Sequence and Function Formatting
All teams shall assume that only the primary signal format sequences 1 and 2 are used.
These are the sequences that do not contain the High Rate Azimuth (HRAZ) function.
2.3 Required Functions
The functions to be controlled and simulated include AZ, EL, BAZ, all of the Basic Data
Words, and Aux Data Words A (ADWA). ADWB and ADWC and EL2 (Flare) need not
be included in either the TCU or the simulation.
The TCU shall be able to generate AZ, EL, BAZ, BDW1-6, and the representative
ADWA1 as provided. The TCU shall generate timing signals for an appropriate subset of
these functions, based on site personality data. In Azimuth mode, TCU shall generate AZ,
BDW1-6, and ADWA1. In Elevation mode, a TCU shall generate EL only. In BAZ
mode, the TCU shall generate BAZ only and a subset of BDW to be provided.
2.4 Simulation and Emulation Timing
The TCU and SSIM outputs shall be in simulated real time. That is, there is no
requirement to actually operate with the 1 usec timing required by FAA-STD-022.
The TCU-to-SSIM interfaces should be in simulated real time, that is, the SSIM should
provide its simulated outputs in response to its inputs from the TCU.
2.5 TCU-to-SSIM Interfaces
The TCU and SSIM teams in each super group shall determine the interface definitions
and requirements, and document them in an Interface Control Document as part of the
final System Requirements Specifications.
The interface details shall be included in the SDD.
2.6 TCU-SSCIM Programming Requirements
The programming platforms and languages used for the simulations shall be determined
by the team pairs.
2.7 TCU-SSCIM Programming Requirements
For 10% extra credit, the TCU teams may provide the format for HRAZ instead of AZ. If
this option is taken, the appropriate HRAZ subsequences defined in FAA-STD-022c shall
be used.

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