This will be on my father’s landscaping company-I will put in the name of the co

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This will be on my father’s landscaping company-I will put in the name of the company in the end.Here’s what you do:PART ONE – SITUATION ANALYSISStep 1. Pick a company as your client. It should be one in which you can speak to the owner(s). It could be where you work, a family / friend’s business, or somewhere you shop frequently. If you don’t have access to any of these, please email me ( and I will be your client (with NCC as the business).Step 2. Interview your client. You want to know about the company’s marketing challenges (yoou can use the 4P’s if you’re not sure where to begin). You should also ask about the company’s stengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (a SWOT analysis). See what you client needs in terms of marketing assistance. You might also ask about the company’s competitive advantage.Written Assignment 1 – due May 30thWrite three pages covering chapters 1-3 in your book.FORMAT – DO NOT LOSE POINTS FOR NOT FOLLOWING THESE DIRECTIONS – SERIOUSLY, READ THIS AND FOLLOW IT – NO REASON TO LOSE POINTS OVER SOMETHING THIS DUMB!Your paper should be double-spaced, written using an 11 point font and 1″ margins. Your header should be 2 lines: line 1 is your name, and line 2 is the chapter name. This means that the first line of your paper’s text will be the third line on the page. Put all course terms in bold print. This does not include words like “product” or “strategy” – I’m referring to marketing concepts or phrases (e.g. “competitive advantage” or “primary research”.)Please proofread! You will be graded on the extent to which you follow the assignment, answer the question, use critical thinking and course concepts in your answer, and write using clear, concise, accurate language. Save the file as a word document (.doc or .docx) then submit it via the dropbox.Page 1Introduce the company – I don’t need a company history, just a paragraph about the 4P’s. Page 1 should also include a short SWOT analysis (this may go beyond 1 page).you should look at the external marketing environent. Make sure to look at elements in the external environment (this is chapter 3) and how they impact the company.Your first paper will essentially be a situation analysis; what is the company’s position and what it needs in terms of marketing. Your ONLY deliverable for this paper should be a SWOT analysis, which will begin to suggest some strategy and deliverables for your other papers.PART TWO – RECOMMENDATIONS AND DELIVERABLE(S)You are going to create marketing materials (aka “deliverables”) for the client. These will be done in conjunction with the chapters as we cover them. So, for example, we have a chapter on market research. Suppose your business is a bakery, and the owner is interested in launching some new summer flavors. You could, using the text and my lecture notes as a guide, create a survey or do a focus group, where the results inform your recommendations to the owner (while 75% of respondents would buy mango flavor, only 5% would be grapefruit). In other words, it is the recommendations and strategy that are the goals here.

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This will be on my father’s landscaping company-I will put in the name of the co

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