To Edit the report as the following.

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I got this email from my teacher:

(Your work is based on HCS12 CPU but the schematic diagram included in the report discussed about another microcontroller . The code is written based on HCS12 . This shows that you have down loaded the materials from the internet source. Please use the HCS12 microcontroller and use appropriate program to implement the digital clock.

Digital clock can be implemented using software delay and LCD or 7 segment display using counting method (0:59) for seconds (0-59) for minutes (0-23) for hours.

You can also implement using Real time interrupt by generating RTI interrupt for 1 second and count the value through software and display the digits seconds , minutes and Hours in either LCD or 7 segment display.

In order to reduce the similarity index , paraphrase the senrtence which are highlighted in different colours and acknowledge the source with proper CCE Harvard referencing style.)

also he told me that to edit the follow:

– Block diagram.

– program using “port K” and “port T” for LCD.

– Explanation of delay time.

– what are the configuration of RTI.

– Results.

requirement check list:



3-digital clock



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To Edit the report as the following.

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