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To prepare for thisAssignment:· Follow the Week 4 Assignment Rubric·



To prepare for thisAssignment:·Follow the Week 4 Assignment Rubric· (REVIEW WEEK 1, 2, AND3 ASSIGNMENTS FOR MORE DETAILS).Use the Week 4 AssignmentTemplate Cap to complete Section 2—Part 1 and Part 2A of your strategyplaybook.Submit your 3-pageevaluation of the organization’s health and the need and opportunity for changefor the organization, to include the following:Part 1: Evaluating theHealth of the TESLABased on your analysis inSection 1 of the playbook (in which you classified the currentorganizational culture of TESLA), assess the health of that TESLA’sculture. As part of the assessment, describe the influence of the cultureon morale (both positive and negative).Then, evaluate the overallhealth of TESLA. In your evaluation, be sure to do the following:Explain what a healthyorganization is.Include at least twoexamples of organizational health demonstrated by TESLA.Include any areas in which TESLAis demonstrating a lack of health.Part 2A: Evaluatingthe Need and Opportunity for ChangeDescribe the characteristicsof a successful business. To further support your assertions, research andlocate an organization that has achieved success. Identify at least twoexamples of business practices the organization employs that have helpedit achieve success.Based on the characteristicsof a successful business that you have identified, analyze the ways inwhich TESLA is currently successful. Provide two or more specific examplesto support your response.

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