Training and Development


Training and Development

Identify a specific organization and choose three items to illustrate the two best and the weakest form of employee training and development from the following list:

1.      On-the job

2.      Job-rotation

3.      Computer-based training

4.      Special assignments and teams

5.      Coaching

6.      Classroom

7.      External training


1.      Briefly identify your chosen organization, their mission, and needs.  You may research and use any organization if you would prefer not to use one where you have personal experience.

2.      Evaluate and compare the three types of training and development methods (two best one weakest), and justify your position by referring to the needs of your chosen organization.

3.      Apply critical thinking and the learning from the major objectives of this week’s material.

4.      Formal writing and all APA norms are required.  (For help, see the APA, writing, and research resources in Course Materials.)

5.      You should include two quality sources to support your ideas.  Paraphrase from one and provide a quotation from the other.  APA 6th edition citation and reference rules will be important.  (For help, see the APA, writing, and research resources in Course Materials.)

6.      Responses should be between 600 to 800 words excluding the title page and references.

7.      Provide your response as a Microsoft Word document.

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