transition (Energy structure)


The readings were hard for me to understand, but I would say this is what I understood.

We live in a word that is described as socio-technical systems. The systems are made up of people and how we use technology for people’s activities in society. People’s behavior in society is influenced by social norms and technical structure. 

For ex: the Energy structure

The system is made up of energy generation, transmission infrastructure that gets the energy to buildings, and how we use the power in each building. This system is called the regime that refers to mainstream activities and structures.The regime is influenced by changes in society. The landscape could mean high gas prices for example or public awareness. As the regime develops, new ideas are also developing. These people often work in Research and Design Labs. These people would be working on things not currently mainstream such as solar power and wind power, and that is known as a niche developments. Consumers are now connected to the primary structure, but since ideas are developed some users may prefer one of the niches such as the wind power better. Changes in the landscape may be something such as a thunderstorm that makes the windpower stronger (the niche) and puts [ressure on the traditional method of power.  This creates an opportunity for other consumers to see how good this new niche is and join in. So now, the social structure has to be redesigned to support new technologies. 


  • Landscape: influences regime
  • Regime: mainstream society supported by society
  • Niche: ideas can grow until they challenge the regime

My question is: More companies are using the word sustainability to promote their products; however it seems like though companies have these products, there is a resistant to change from consumers. For example, not many people use alternative energy sources for buildings. What is behind the resistance? 

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