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Translational Research Worksheet.


Translational Research Worksheet.

Translational Research Worksheet.


Second part of EBP Project

Review feedback from your instructor on your “Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal: Identification of Nursing Practice Problem,” submitted in Topic 1.Conduct a literature search on your approved nursing practice problem. Find two translational research articles, one quantitative article, and one qualitative article. Using the “Translational Research Graphic Organizer,” present your proposed topic and, in the tables provided, compare one translational study to the quantitative study, and one translational study to the qualitative study.Refer to the “Evidence-Based Practice Project Proposal – Assignment Overview” document for an overview of the evidence-based practice project proposal assignments.

You are required to cite four peer-reviewed sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.

Professor feedback comments:

Great introduction to the practice problem. Use of a national, state or local population health care database to research and include statistics to support the significance of the problem could assist in supporting the practice problem statement.

In the population, rather than “struggling with” include “diagnosed with” – you will include concrete inclusion criteria to include an age range and BMI range for inclusion in the project.

This is a great start to addressing the issue. When you move in to the next assignment to find literature, you will want to find literature to support an activity program for weight loss in children and adolescents. I recommend that you identify a specific program to move forward with and then link the literature to the components of the program. The specific program that you identify should be inclusive of current guidelines from top agencies/organizations that support improved outcomes for pediatric obesity. Very well written and thank you for the inclusion of resources to support the practice problem.


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