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Transportation Approach of Molsoon Coors Brewing Company!


I have posted below the structure of the paper, however you only need to write the part for #2 which is transportation approach. Basically you need to write about the transportation approach of Molson Coors a brewing company which can be easily found online. If you have any question please let me know. If you don’t know how to do it please don’t bid. The assignment need to be 3 pages.

The structure of this paper can be followed the instruction with some changes:

(Subject to change)


Main Issue 1:

  • Background
  • Method
  • Analysis and Results

Main Issue 2:

  • Background
  • Method
  • Analysis and Results

Main Issue 3:

  • Background
  • Method
  • Analysis and Results

Main Issue 4:

  • Background
  • Method
  • Analysis and Results



I prefer to come up with 4 main issues according to this case. Hopefully, each issue analysis
could stand for 3 pages in order to reach the 12 pages requirement.

For the introduction, we can talk about some basic stuff of what is a negotiation, the
importance of negotiation, how the data-driven can be used into negotiation and why this particular company needs to develop some negotiation method. We also should inform the main purpose of this paper. It is also appropriate that giving our 4 main issues
in the introduction.

According to the case, I think we could develop negotiation strategies for the following

  1. Procurement of raw materials
  2. Transportations approaches
  3. Meeting of risk management (hedge of using commodity or financial instruments). Fangchun Xin
  4. Selection of warehouse
  5. Government political support (tax)

We can choose 4 out of 5, it depends on what you would like to analyze. Each of us should
pick one main issue to do. I think these ideas are well-applicative for this case. If you have any further thought, feel free to talk.

Refer to the instructor’s sharing (I attached two slides also), one is to talk about the
types of negotiation and another one discusses how to reach a better negotiation. These two supplements could give us some basic idea of how to do the negotiation with different suppliers, departments and government. We should use proper way into the main
issues respectively.

Notably, we need to combine the data-driven to conduct the negotiation. It is important
and difficult to think about how to use data-driven during negotiation processes. I’m likely using some graph or table to indicate the data which could support the negotiation with different parts. We still need to search for some information indeed.

Please give a quick reply to this outline. If we have any further discussion, we should
complete this first step as soon as possible and then we could assign a task for each one.

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