Two discussion question SOC100

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Question 1: Read “OccupyWallStreet.Org–Organizing Online,”   Describe the manner in which social media provides a venue for activism. Provide one (1) example of online support for an issue or cause


Question 2: Social movements highlight areas of society to be changed and make valuable contribution to solving problems. However, they seldom actually solve problems. In order to mobilize sufficient resources, they need to appeal to a broad population, and to do so, they must focus on larger-scale issues which deeply embedded in society. Such broad problems do not allow to easy or quick solutions.

Some movements grow, become mature and decline; some cease to exist and become reinvigorated with new leadership or by coming into conflict with other movements. Some social movements seek solutions in legislation, education, economy and politics; become bureaucratized and a leadership passes to career officials.


Can you give some examples of different stages (life courses) social movements in the U.S. history?

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Two discussion question SOC100

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