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UCB Different Diversities Which Oppose Monolithic Worldviews Responses


  1. After reading completing the readings for this week and browsing through the slide galleries and links:
    Post a reading response of a minimum 250 words exploring one of the prompts posted below. Please feel free to incorporate your own opinion and observations in your discussion!
    When necessary, use and example from the reading, include page number/quote/image

    Pick one of these topics for your response:

    1. What is Glissant referring to when discussing “opacities”? What forms of collective and individual knowledge can be considered opacities in the social, cultural, racial, and historical contexts that he poses?
    2. Explain how the concept of “opacity” can help one to understand the multifaceted and nuances of people, cultures and identities.
    3. In what ways does Western criteria for “transparency” regarding knowledge and history require BIPOC/QTNB beings to shrink or “reduce” their identities, experiences, powers, space, and more?
    4. On page 190 of the text, “the right to opacity would not establish autism; it would be the real foundation of Relation, in freedoms.”, What is Glissant trying to imply in his argument?
    5. What factors of social, cultural, and historical investigation and knowledge reproduction (which may exploit OR empower) validate OR limit Glissant’s argument about opacity vs transparency?
    6. In what ways do you see (or not see) Glissant’s “For Opacity” to be a decolonial strategy?
  2. After you have done so, you must also POST TWO 100 word minimum response to a classmate’s observations by hitting “reply” to their post. Your response post should elaborate on their comments, you may have a questions, be curious about their viewpoint, agree or disagree. Be respectful and courteous, but don’t be afraid to ask questions! Try to reply to a response that seems lonely. Then join other thread if you are interested.

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