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UK Land law, based on Oscola guide, law homework help


UK Land law, based on Oscola guide. All the documents to be attached. I have attached all supporting resources.
The first attachment is the question that is to be answered by the writer in regards to Tariq and Highgate House.
The second is general coursework guidance (however please ignore the hand-in date)
The third is the assessment marking criteria sheet which will be used when evaluating my assignment.
The fourth is a copy of the first question which was given to us in the previous semester.
The fifth is a copy of the indicative content that was expected of us to cover when answering the question in attachment 4 however this is only a brief feedback resource and should not be taken as written how the assignment should have been word for word, also, as it is a reassessment task; not all topics to be covered are the same.
The sixth and final one is the module manual which shows an outline of all the lectures and cases which were covered and a brief outline for the topics throughout the year in helping assist effective research.
Also, the footnotes are not inclusive in the word count for my assignment therefore there should not be word smuggling within the footnotes regardless, as all key information other than case citations and journal/book titles and pages should be included within the main body of text.

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