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Using the data file provided, conduct an item analysis for mock field test results. Your analysis should provide information about each item’s characteristics. In addition, your analysis should identify the items you feel are problematic. For each “problem” item, describe what evidence led you to identify the item as problematic, propose possible reasons why the item may be problematic, and suggest what should be done with the item. Your analysis should conclude by identifying the sub-set of items you recommend be forwarded for possible use during operational test form construction. Following week8 and week9 slides to write this assignment with 5 SR item and 1 CR item with correct answers, targeted construct(includes which cell of blueprint) and concerns on non-targeted construct. Write a task model for one of the SR problems, 2 problems for one model. Then Revise it as the slides show. Also includes a scoring guide.<for MCAS 6THgrade math>.There is example question in the MCAS article.

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