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Unit 4IP Strategic Management of Human Assets


You have been hired as the new Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) at an S&P 500 company. As the CHRO, one of your primary roles is to be the workforce strategist. There has been a high voluntary turnover rate at this company and the CEO has directed you to develop a retention plan to resolve the high voluntary turnover rate. Write at least 5 page research paper using APA style outlining a retention plan.
Grading Criteria:
  1. The student compared and contrasted between voluntary turnover rate and involuntary turnover rate. Moreover, the student researched the financial impact that voluntary turnover rate has upon the organization.
  2. The student identified internal and external causes of voluntary turnover.
  3. The student discussed the correlation between job satisfaction and voluntary turnover rate.
  4. The student identified at least four different strategies for reducing voluntary turnover rate. Moreover, the student assessed the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy.
  5. The student applied correct APA, style, usage, grammar, and punctuation.
  6. The student supported the research paper with at least four different scholarly sources such as research journals, research studies, government or accredited

–Must include title page, abstract page, reference page, in text citations all in APA format

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