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University College Dublin Dried Cat Food Product Recipe Questions


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Special recipes formulated by our professionals of Animal Science and Veterinary Science. Our free dried products help cats retrieve their natural eating habits.

We have very strict requirement on our raw materials and only use naturally grown, export grade raw meat.

We do not use any kind of food additives and preservatives as we truly care about your pets wellbeing.

We add organic coconut oil imported from Sri Lankan, milk calcium from New Zealand, to help improve pet’s skin and hair condition, also strengthen immunity.

Recommended Feeding Guidelines:

Add warm water, allow food to rehydrate, mix and serve. Food should be fed soon after rehydration to avoid bacteria from growing. Product can also be use as a mixer to add extra nutrition to your cat’s diet.

Safe Handling: Keep all products in a cool, dry place. Make sure the bag is sealed. Wash bowls for sanitation purpose.

If you find a broken bag, please refrain from feeding it.This product must not be fed to ruminants.

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