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University College London Project Management Online Conference Portfolio



Explanation of your Project Scope Statement (link to theory) developed from the information provided above and from your team discussions plus a Draft Conference Programme (200 words explanation plus supporting Scope Statement and Programme) 20%

Explanation of your Work Breakdown Structure and Network diagram/Gantt chart and Estimating (link to theory) (200 words explanation plus supporting Work Breakdown Structure and Network diagram/Gantt) 20%

Explanation of your Costing for the conference including contingency funds (link to theory) and commentary on your team’s attempt to manage this project

(200 words explanation plus any supporting Costing Tables in Excel or MS Project) 20%

A detailed explanation of your approach to Risk assessment linked closely to the material in module and the set text. (200 words plus supporting tables, etc)

An Executive Summary of the overall Project (200 words)

the Portfolio submissions must include a full reference list linked to the text by the Westminster Harvard Referencing system. The maximum length of the overall Portfolio is 1000 words supported by the equivalent to 1000 words of work in MS Project and/or Excel/tables/charts. The word count will exclude any supporting artefacts created as examples by your or your team, the Reference List and any Appendices. Charts, tables, graphs and other graphical material may be included in the main text of the Portfolio or as appendices (if the later, be sure to provide links in the text). Any artefacts that you refer to in your Portfolio should be included in the relevant submission.

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