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University of California Irvine Give Me Liberty Discussion Questions



Instructions: Complete all of the following topics: 1 and 2. Your answers need to be primarily in your own words. Yours answers must be based on the reading and module only. In this assignment, include at minimum 1 quote and 1 Chicago Style footnote. download A bibliography is not needed in this assignment. Use a quote as evidence in your answer. Do not use a quote alone as an answer; points will be deducted if you do. Be detailed in your answers. When you bring a point up explain the point thoroughly. Using an example is a good way to further clarify a point. Write in complete sentences.

Topic 1:

Read about the Brown case in the Foner text Give Me Liberty! pages 755-756. Then, read the following Brown v. Board of Education. (Links to an external site.) Answer the Ws of the Brown v. Board of Education.

a. Why (did this case happen)

b. Who (include all of the following: who is involved, and who delivered the opinion in the case)

c. What (include all of the following: what is written in the ruling for Brown v. Board of Education/explain the reasoning in the decision/include the clause and the amendment used in the ruling)

d. When (did it happen)

e. Where (did it happen)

f. Why (is it important in American History; explain the long term impact of the ruling)

Topic 2:

Read the Voices of Freedom in the Foner text Give Me Liberty pages 760 and 761: From Martin Luther King Jr., Speech at Montgomery, Alabama (December 5, 1955) and From the Southern Manifesto (1956). Answer all of the following:

a. How do religious convictions shape King’s definition of freedom?

b. Why does the Southern Manifesto claim that the Supreme Court decision is a threat to constitutional government?

c. How do these documents illustrate contrasting understandings of freedom at the dawn of the civil right

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