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University of Houston Monitoring Employee Social Media Essay


Topic (issue): Is employer monitoring of employee social media justified? 

Your assignment:

You will need to complete a research paper on the topic you select so be sure it is one that interests you! 

A good research paper includes enough information on an issue without a biased approach. You will need to summarize the thoughts of the authors, as well as tie the essay back to other current research that you have found. You will need to cite a minimum of three sources, in addition to your textbook. You should use the research you find to present the readers with a general idea or background on the issue, as well as to validate or disprove the writings in the text.  You should also present the advantages and disadvantages of the issue. Keep in mind, this is not a persuasive assignment so you will not need to pick one side and argue for it. You are simply informing your reader on the issue for this assignment.

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