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University of Nairobi Organizations Work Environment Essay


In Unit VII, you will submit an essay titled Team Building at ________. The final essay will be multiple pages and include four different components. In Units IV, V, and VI, you are completing a specific component/concept for the final essay. The final essay will not be simply adding the four components together, but will be a culmination of lessons learned in creating each component.

In Unit IV you wrote an essay analysis of your current work environment titled Team Building at _____: My Analysis. In Unit V your essay was titled Team Building at ________: Who We Are.

This week (Week VI) the essay will be titled Team Building at : Dealing With Change. The essay will be a minimum of two pages in length. Using content from the unit lesson and readings, provide explanations of the following:

An overview of your current work environment, and how leadership deals with change.

How does leadership help employees and other stakeholders deal with change? You are encouraged to use actual examples.

What are the main types of conflict that arise in your current work environment?

What affect diversity can, or has had on your work place?

How can, or could the leadership use diversity as a positive in development of teams and the teamwork process?

During your time with your organization, what have you witnessed in regard to these above items? What has changed and/or what is changing? What is there about these qualities that makes your place of employment unique? If you were in a leadership role in this organization, what changes would you make to create a win-win situation?

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