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University of Phoenix Particular People Experiencing Homelessness Responses


Post #1

The thing I found most impressive while i was doing my community assessment was to realize how old and deteriorated the homes in the community down the street from me where, the fact that the houses were built in the 50’s and that there were some homes that had been affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters and were half destroyed and still, people lived in them. There were lots of homeless people who I had not realized were there, sleeping in the bus stops and outside some stores, most of the houses were hoarded with items and some trash.

It was surprising that I have always been working and going from point A to point B and i had never taken the time to assess and watch my surrounding neighborhoods.

Now, more than ever I realize the role of the community nurse in helping the society. Finding resources is imperative to the development and sustainability of the community,

As an ER nurse it is the most stressful thing, situating people, finding resources, i truly admire the work our social workers and care coordinators make, it makes a huge difference.

Post #2

Many pieces of important data were collected during the community assessment that was completed in week two. I will start with the piece of information that was most surprising. The information that is so surprising was not seeing any form of public transportation other than school buses for children. This leaves the rest of the population struggling if they need rides somewhere. I think a really wonderful idea for spring hill would be to research resources for transportation, especially for the older people living in Spring Hill, KS. Many of the older adults in the community probably rely on their family members to take them important places such as the pharmacy, grocery store and doctors’ appointments. When family members are not available, they might resort to avoiding health concerns and ordering food from a restaurant. This can lead to even worse health outcomes. The data point that was most important from the information collected in my opinion was the fact that the rural area still has a hospital around ten minutes away. This could mean life or death in emergency situations.

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