University of West Georgia Manage the Heart Reading Peer Reflection’s Discussion

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please post a thoughtful response to a Reading Reflection initiated by a classmate. Your response may expand upon, amplify, constructively and collegially challenge, or otherwise engage with your classmate’s post. I encourage you to use these response posts as an opportunity to deepen your understanding (150-200 words)

**Can you think of situations or contexts in which we as Americans are called upon to “manage the heart”? What does this look like?

I think we as Americans “manage the heart” everyday or rather try to. Going into work for a person’s 9 to 5 is one situation, they usually have to put on a bright smile and try to remain calm amongst co-workers, customers, management, and clients throughout their shift. It is more difficult than it seems to be able to remain calm, to understand your emotions and not to lose control of them when people are yelling, criticizing, and rushing you. After a while of enduring stressful environments like this, people often end up in a bad way or how Bali puts it in a “confused” way. They seem like they do not care anymore however, they don’t take things calmly instead they react in anger, jealousy, or in offense. I believe America as a country most would see “managing the heart” would be a skill rather than a culture belief or practice like in Bali. It is a tool at times to get further ahead and the consequences usually end up becoming mental disorders from creating too many confusions in their life. In American society we are taught at a young age to be independent, if you work hard enough you will obtain everything you want out of life. In reality, this usually means to step on anyone who gets in your way because being nice and calm won’t really get you anywhere. As a country we have neglected to take things calmly, to let bygones be bygones, especially giving without expectation of return. People have become too engrossed in greed, jealousy, anger, resentment that it blinds them to their own morals and body/mind health. Though this happens all around the world it seems to be a constant mindset in America, but I believe it is slowly changing again.

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University of West Georgia Manage the Heart Reading Peer Reflection’s Discussion

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