Using dplyr functions


In this exercise you’ll use R package tidyverse (see chapter 4 of Introduction to Data Science Data
Analysis and Prediction Algorithms with R by Rafael A. Irizarry. You need to go through chapter 4 before
attempting the following questions. Also, see my lecture video in the blackboard.

Using dplyr functions (i.e., filter, mutate ,select, summarise, group_by etc. ) and “murder” dataset
(available in dslab R package) and write appropriate R syntax to answer the followings:

a. Calculate regional total murder excluding the OH, AL, and AZ

b. Display the regional population and regional murder numbers.

c. How many states are there in each region?

d. What is Ohio’s murder rank in the Northern Central Region (Hint: use rank(), row_number())

e. How many states have murder number greater than its regional average.

f. Display 2 least populated states in each region

Use pipe %>% operator for all the queries. Show all the output results.

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