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UT Arlington Roy Nutt Computing Pioneer Biography Research Paper


Choose a computing pioneer that was not covered in today’s lecture.

Two good sources to locate computing pioneers can be found at the following:

•The History of Computing Project


•Computer Hope


You may use other sources but be sure to cite where you first located the individual.

Write an essay describing this individual’s background, his/her contributions to computing, and what

this individual did later in life (assuming they lived into old age), or what he/she is doing now (if they’re

still alive).Include a section discussing why you feel this person’s contribution to the field is important.

Cite three different sources for yourpaper. This may not include Wikipedia, although you may use Wikipedia to begin your search for credible sources.

You may use whatever citation format you choose, but I recommend EasyBib, or a similar service, to simplify this process.

The paper’s format should be:

•One-inch margins

•Eleven-point font

•Time’s New Roman

•Justified alignment

•Single spacing

Aim for 600 words. Anything significantly less than 600 words will be considered a lack of effort andresult in a 25 point


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