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Value Proposition and Competitive Advantage Presentation, business and finance homework help


Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on value proposition and competitive advantage for your business idea. Note the following about preparing an effective presentation:

  • The cover slide and the references slide do NOT count toward your 10-12 informational slide count.
  • Include short bulleted items on the slides (no more than 5-6 bullets per slide) and graphics where appropriate. Bulleted items should not be in complete sentences but should capture the essence of what you would explain verbally about each bullet if you were making the presentation face-to-face with an audience.
  • The Center for Writing Excellence (on the Library tab) has many resources to help you in creating effective PowerPoint® presentations.

Include the following information in your presentation:

  • Define and explain what is meant by a “value proposition.”
  • Discuss the value proposition of your business idea, being sure to identify the target market for which you will be providing value.
  • Identify one main direct competitor and two indirect competitors for your business idea. Explain how these three other businesses will compete with your business.
  • Define and explain what is meant by a “competitive advantage.”
  • Discuss your competitive advantage in this marketplace, and explain how your business differs from that of your main competitor.

Include detailed and comprehensive Speaker Notes for each of the 10-12 informational slides, including in-text citations when necessary. Your Speaker Notes should include all the information you would explain to the audience that would be viewing your slide presentation if you were giving it in person. Your Speaker Notes should be written in proper APA format, and should be at least one to two full paragraphs long for each slide. In essence, your Speaker Notes are the equivalent of an academic paper.

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