Values defining professionalism


After reading the Statement on Professionalism in Dental Education choose two values that you wish to write about (see the chart below for a summary of the individual values). Next, view the ADEA Tool for Action on Professionalism in Dental Educationdocument. Here, you will be able to read more about each value and it also provides you with questions to consider for self-evaluation and reflection. Some questions are geared towards education, etc. but just adjust them to fit a practicing dental hygienist. Use these questions (and your responses to them) as a guideline to writing your paper.

Next, you will be writing a 500-word paper on two of the six values. Reflect on how you can relate two of the six values to yourself as a practicing dental hygienist working in various health settings. Include the steps you would take to achieve and maintain those values in your daily health care practice.

It is required to use APA style, so be sure to include a correct title page, in-text citations along with a reference page. You will need to include one current (no older than 8 years) peer-reviewed journal from the our school Library database to support your paper. Note: Access magazine and RDH magazine, although very good resources, are not considered peer-reviewed and will not be accepted for this assignment. Due to the nature of this assignment, utilizing first-person in your writing will be acceptable.

I will attach a sample to help as an introductory reference point. It is not perfect ( a few minor APA errors), but it will provide you with some ideas on this assignment.

The Task Force identified and developed the following six values-based statements defining professionalism in dental education:


Acquiring and maintaining the high level of special knowledge, technical ability and professional behavior necessary for the provision of clinical care to patients and for effective functioning in the dental education environment.


Demonstrating consistency and even-handedness in dealings with others.


Being honest and demonstrating congruence between one’s values, words, and actions.


Being accountable for one’s actions and recognizing and acting upon the special obligations to others that one assumes in joining a profession.


Honoring the worth of others.


Acting for the benefit of the patients and the public we serve, and approaching those served with compassion.

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