Video report


Ken Burns: Shakers – Hands to Work, Hearts to God (PBS Distribution)

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to see the box in the middle of the screen that says “More Search Options:
  • Click on “Databases”
  • Click on F in the alphabet, and scroll down to Films on Demand
  • Click on the title, and it will bring up a screen for you to login to the library site from off-campus – enter your regular username and password you use on campus
  • Enter the full title into the search window, and the first entry will be a segment from the video with the title below.
  • Click on the link for “From Title” and it will take you directly to the video (60 minutes long)

    After you watch the videos, you will have 5 questions to answer, you will find them on the file I attached.

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