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visio workflow diagram nurs 6421


Can you do this assignement correctly? I need it Thursday.

I need the workflow to be based of the steps taken to dialize a patient in a dialysis clinic.

It has three parts. the two first part need 2 pages paper with separate references based on the dialysis workflow I’m working on. It needs a visio diagram showing the steps. the diagram must have a starting and ending point saparated with arrows; including the steps taken to dialyse a patient.

The last part is a powerer point of all the steps with explaination.

Please carefully follow the isntruction below: 

Part 1 –

Write a 3- page Gap Analysis Plan that addresses the following:

Identify the workflow issue you will be exploring in the Course Project. Explain how this workflow issue is tied to EHRs. Identify the specific meaningful use objective(s) related to the workflow issue.

List 2 goals you have set for your gap analysis and what you hope to accomplish by examining the workflow you selected.

Describe your methods of data collection and the individuals you will observe, consult, and/or interview. Include any relevant narrative statements, checklists, interview questions, or other tools you will use to collect data.

Explain how you will minimize disruption in the workflow during observations and how you will avoid bias as you conduct your gap analysis.

Describe how you will record, quantify, and analyze the data you collect. Explain how you will establish baseline metrics to normalize data from different sources of information.

In a reference list, cite a minimum of three scholarly references (with APA citations) that you used to create your Gap Analysis Plan.

Post a draft of your current-state workflow in Visio. Your Visio draft should include your preliminary knowledge about the primary steps and activities within your workflow. In addition, include a swimlane showing who is responsible for each step, and use the appropriate diagramming symbols within your Visio draft.

Review your Gap Analysis Plan (Part 1 of the Course Project) and prepare any necessary recording documents and meeting/observation arrangements with the individuals involved in the workflow.

Conduct the gap analysis. Observe and consult with individuals in your organization who are involved in the workflow.

Analyze the data you gathered and whether or not it meets the goals and objectives you set in your Gap Analysis Plan (Part 1 of the Course Project).

Interpret the meanings and implications of the data you collected. Consider how the workflow issues relate to electronic health records (EHRs) and one or more specific meaningful use objectives.

Examine your Visio draft of the current-state workflow. Consider how the draft aligns with the data you collected in your gap analysis. You will also receive feedback from your colleagues in Week 6.

Begin revising your Visio draft of the current-state workflow based on your gap analysis. Remember to update the information in the swimlane. In addition, prepare to write a detailed description of your Visio workflow.

To complete Part 2 of the Course Project:

Based on the information gathered in your gap analysis, create a finalized Visio model of the current-state workflow.

Then, in a 3-page paper, respond to the following:

Explain the results of your gap analysis and how they address the goals you set in Part 1 of the Course Project. Identify the issues (gaps) within the current workflow.

Analyze how the issues you identified relate to EHRs and one or more meaningful use objectives.

Describe in detail the final version of your Visio model of the current-state workflow. Include in your description an explanation of the swimlane (who completes each step). In addition, identify where the workflow gaps exist.

Explain how you changed your Visio draft based on the feedback you will have received from your colleagues in the Week 6 Discussion and the information you gathered during your gap analysis.

In a reference list, cite a minimum of three scholarly references (with APA citations) you used to conduct your gap analysis and create your current-state workflow model.

Part 3

To complete the Course Project Presentation:

Create a PowerPoint presentation to communicate the details of your redesigned workflow. Your intended audience could include end users, stakeholders, organizational leaders, and any other individuals who would be involved in the workflow redesign.

Address each of the following bullet points with at least one slide. Do not exceed three slides for any given bullet point.

Introduce the workflow issue you selected and its relevance to meaningful use.

Describe your Gap Analysis Plan.

Overview your gap analysis results.

Illustrate the current-state workflow model and identify the gap(s).

Explain the solution you formulated and how it relates to meaningful use.

Illustrate the future-state workflow model and explain how it addresses the gap(s) in the current-state workflow.

Summarize the major steps necessary to transition from the current- to the future-state workflow.

Include a title slide as the first slide of your presentation. At the end of your presentation, include one slide for audience questions and comments and one reference slide with APA citations of the sources you used to complete your project.

Important note: Include speaker notes (using the notes feature in PowerPoint) with the content you would use to explain the key points on each slide. The speaker notes should have enough detail for someone who is unfamiliar with your project to be able to conduct your presentation.

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