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Volunteers: Roles and Relationships


Application: Volunteers: Roles and Relationships

Board Governance & Volunteer Management



APA format 1-3 pages  within the references and in paper citations


Many nonprofit organizations cannot afford to employ staff for all the work that must be done to achieve organizational goals. Volunteers, then, are often integral contributors to organizational success. In order to ensure high volunteer retention, special care must be taken to design volunteer positions that are both interesting and meaningful to the volunteer and important to the organization.

Paid staff members are usually responsible for designing and delegating work to volunteers, so the relationship between the two groups is important. Volunteers need to know they are valued and appreciated for their contribution to the overall mission of the organization. Tensions arise when paid staff regard volunteers as somehow “less than” the staff or as an impediment to their getting their work done. The goal is for there to be a working relationship that satisfies the needs and desires of both groups.

To prepare for this assignment:


  • Review Chapter 4 in the course text, Volunteer Management. Think about how you might include nongoverning volunteers in an organization.
  • Consider what positions might foster an active and highly-motivated commitment to the mission of an organization.
  • Review Chapter 13 in the course text, Volunteer Management. Pay close attention to the importance of staff–volunteer relationships and how integration and support of the two groups might enhance the mission of an organization.
  • Consider how volunteer and staff diversity might influence an organization and what strategies you might use to foster positive attitudes and relationships within your organization.

The assignment (1-3 pages):

  • Briefly describe a volunteer position in an organization with which you are familiar (your Final Project organization or another).
  • Explain the roles and tasks of this volunteer position based on the four “game characteristics” described in Chapter 4 of Volunteer Management.
  • Based on the position you selected and the roles and tasks associated with it, predict what might be required of a supervising staff member to ensuOr will will will contact with the part of theMonth after theid staff and a nongoverning volunteer in this position.
  • Describe how you might address each issue.
  • Explain how you would address diversity issues among staff members and nongoverning volunteers.

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