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(W4) eHEALTH: The Doctor Will Tweet You Now


(W4) eHEALTH: The Doctor Will Tweet You Now

Understand what disruptive technology is and how it impacts our society.
Explain the ethical issues in the use of information technology.
Express ideas, methods, and conclusions useful in coursework and lifelong learning.
Locate, organize, and evaluate/analyze disparate information resources to formulate a creative/analytical/conclusion useful in coursework and lifelong learning.

Please read the narrative below and answer the questions.
eHealth: The Doctor Will Tweet You Now. When Janel Wood’s 9-year-old son recently began experiencing migraines, the working mother decided to try a new company health care program that allowed her to communicate with a doctor through videoconferencing, voice over IP and instant messaging. While her son was home for lunch, Wood logged onto a local medical practice’s website and connected via videoconferencing and IM with the doctor on duty, who then reviewed her son’s electronic medical record, or EMR, online. The doctor sent Wood links to migraine articles and podcasts and prescribed more hydration for her son, which worked overtime. “I ended up bringing [my son] back to school before missing any classes, which he was kind of bummed about. It was so quick and efficient,” Wood said. Please read the article and answer the following:

Do you agree or disagree that telehealth is cold and impersonal?
What are the advantages of telehealth?
What are the disadvantages of telehealth?
What other industries could benefit from this type of technology?
Record your answers in a Microsoft Word document, save and then submit here when completed.

Your answers should be in-depth thinking at this level and should include information just not regurgitated from the textbook. Please cite your references using APA style format.
5 points for each question, no less than 50 words per answer.
Label each question with the question number. 2 points deduction for violation.

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