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WC Mc Donalds Limited Menu & Response Discussion


Read OM in the News:McDonald’s Improves Operations with a Smaller Menu from Jay, Barry & Chuck’s OM Blog – A Blog for Operations Management Educators.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the more limited menus currently seen at McDonald’s? If you were a McDonald’s executive, would you stick with the current menu after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, or would you recommend changes? Support your position.

After posting your inital response to the questions, respond to at least two others’ posts in the discussion. before participating in discussions so you know the criteria I’m looking for when you post look at the attachement.

Please after you write the discussion post I want you to reply on two of my peer’s posts:

Mackenzie 1-

There are many advanatges of McDonald’s limiting their menu during the pandemic. Drive-thru times are being reported as shorter which I feel is huge for a fast food restaurant as I know I personally like when the line at a drive-thru goes quick. Another advantage is that people are saying the food tastes better and that there are less errors in fulfilling their orders. This makes sense as there are not as many food options anymore so there is not as much to work with or opportunity to mess up. Some disadvantages n my opinion are that some of the nicer and unexpected food options are the ones that were taken away. Salads, bagels, and yogurt parfaits are not typical items you would think about McDonald’s serving, so if someone saw them on the menu they may be more tempted to try it. Another disadvantage is that these are some of the healthier options. I think if I were a McDonald’s executive, I would stick with the current menu after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. I say this because what they are doing now seems to be working just fine, and people are happy. I think if someone wanted specifically a bagel or salad, McDonald’s would not be their first choice of place to eat anyway, so I feel as though McDonald’s should keep doing what they are doing.

Megan 2-

Something I’ve personally found as a huge disadvantage of the change in McDonald’s menu is no longer serving all day breakfast. I’m not a huge morning person, so I really liked it when McDonald’s added all day breakfast. By changing to a limited menu, McDonald’s might push away previous customers by taking off some of their favorite menu items. However, by reducing menu items to those that are most popular, customers can get through the drive through faster and have also reported that their orders have been more accurate. If I was a McDonald’s executive, I would stick to a limited menu like the current one, even if it does not have all day breakfast, due to the increased customer satisfaction in regards to wait times and food quality. I think that by limiting their menu items and reducing operations, it helps McDonald’s to focus more on customer satisfaction with food quality and customer service, something that McDonald’s has been known to lack. I think another food chain that portrays a good example of this is Raising Canes. Raising Canes has limited menu items resulting in high order accuracy and low wait times for their customers. I think it is necessary for McDonald’s to keep the limited menu in order to simplify operations and improve areas that they are not as strong in.

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