WCU Randomized Controlled Trials vs Cohort Studies Essay

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This week we are comparing and contrasting epidemiological methods of research; case-control and cohort study methods. Select either the case-control or cohort study method and compare its features, the methodology, to a randomized controlled trial using the following questions. 

Please format, organize, your responses using each question below:

  • What is the fundamental difference between the method you have chosen (either the case-control or cohort method) and the randomized controlled trial?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the study method you chose (case-control or cohort study)?

What are the characteristics of a correlational study?

  1. Where does the method you chose (case-control or cohort study) fall on the research pyramid? What does where it is on the research pyramid mean? 

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WCU Randomized Controlled Trials vs Cohort Studies Essay

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