Weber Book Critique


Webber Book Critique instructions

You must write a summary, analysis, and a 1-sentence statement of what you learned for each assigned chapter of the book. The critique for each chapter must be no more than 1 page in length, with a new page added to your Microsoft Word file for each.

You must do an analysis, summary and plus one sentence at the end stating what you learn. The book has a total of 23 chapters.

You must do this for all 23 chapters.

The analysis should be one paragraph

The summary should be one paragraph

What you learned should only be one sentence

Also, I have attached a copy of a previous assignment I had like this. This is the formatting you want to use for this assignment. The same exact format. This should all be on one document.

I have a hard copy of this book, but I have attached a link below where you can view the book for free. It a 30 free day trial.…

It should be all completed on one document as well.

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