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Important Instructions:


  • Select one of the above scenarios and create a website based on it.
  • Student must form groups on their own and send the list of the students to their respective instructors at the start of week-5 on Sunday, 14th February 2021.
  • The number of students in each group: 2 (3 only for exception).
  • In the phase I, the website should cover the HTML markups up to chapter 7 only using Notepad.
  • The number of Web pages must be at least 5
  • Use the same theme across the website
  • The partial website must be tested on web browsers.
  • The students will complete the website in the phase II later.
  • Use correct HTML syntax.
  • IT404_Project.docx:
    • The students must use the same file (IT404_Project_Phase_1.docx) to prepare their answers.
    • For each part of the project (HTML) and for each page, the student must copy and paste the website code and add screenshots of the output with a brief description for each functionality of the web application.
  • IT404_Project.pdf:


Prepare a PDF version of the file IT404_Project.docx


This will contain all the files of the project (HTML).

You must submit three separate copies (one Word file, one PDF file, and one ZIP file).

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