Week 10 Lab Discussion


Sensory organs are responsible for helping individuals understand their environment. In fact, these organs gather information related to smell, taste, sound, and hearing. This week will focus primarily on how sense organs, associated with the peripheral nervous system, works to integrate and deliver information.

The overall learning objective for Week 10 in the laboratory course is to identify and describe sensory organs associated with the nervous system discussed in Week 8. To successfully complete this assignment, first read the following exercises from the Laboratory Manual: Exercise 23: Anatomy of the Visual System and Exercise 25: Special Senses: Hearing and Equilibrium.

Student Discussion Assignment

  1. Briefly describe and identify the external and internal components of the eye found in your textbook using figures 23.1 and 23.3, respectively.
  2. Briefly describe and identify the microscopic anatomy of the cellular layers of the retina.
  3. Briefly describe the components of the semicircular canals and the vestibule, and their roles in static and dynamic equilibrium.

Write your responses in a minimum of 250 words in APA format and include your references.


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