Week 2 Research Review

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Each week learners will find and share an article that addresses any area of their research.

Beginning in week 2, students will locate and read an article from a professional journal, magazine or newspaper that relates to the weekly topic. Then, students will post a short (1 paragraph) review of the article. Students should discuss how the article applies to the course or their own workplace. Remember to include a reference to the source.

By the end of this week, students will be able to identify a beneficial research problem, construct a clear and specific problem statement, convey the overall intent of the research study by narrowing to one area, demonstrate the use of neutral wording and phrases to remain unbiased, articulate thoughts and ideas (assumptions) that the reader (management) will generally accept as either true or plausible, an identify the elements over which the researcher has no control.

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Week 2 Research Review

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