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Week 5 Position Paper / Position Paper Outline ENG


Position Paper Outline View Full Description

Forum Objective: Create an outline for your Week 5 position paper.

In week 5, you will be submitting a position paper. In this forum, create and post your outline, concept map, or other visual representation for that essay. Then provide feedback to your peers about their outlines.

First, read the article “Critical Reading Practices,” which is linked here. The author provides good advice on how to identify a good thesis and recognize a strong argument. The tips here will help you as you assess your peers’ outlines in this forum, as well as help you build a strong thesis and outline for your position paper.

Initial Post

Then post the outline of your week 5 position paper. To receive full credit, the outline must contain the following:

  • Thesis statement,
  • Topic sentences, and
  • Supporting points for each topic sentence.

Remember your thesis statement should be a single complete sentence, not a question. Your paragraphs should support that thesis statement. Your purpose in the essay is to persuade.

Please do not make your initial post as an attachment or link. I may process the forum in Turnitin and attachments cannot be processed.

Responses to Other Students

When responding to your peers’ outlines, consider these questions and suggestions.

  • What questions do you have after seeing their outline/mind map?
  • Using the critical reading strategies in the article above, determine the strengths of the outline as well as areas for improvement.
  • Is there a strong and well-worded thesis statement?
  • How do the body paragraphs support the thesis statement?
  • Pose questions to help your peers strengthen their position.
  • Play devil’s advocate to help them defend their position.
  • Offer possible supporting points or research if you know anything that might help.


  • Instructions: Please read the instructions in each forum area carefully.
  • Due Date:
    • Initial post due Thursday by 11:55 EST.
    • Replies due Sunday by 11:55 EST.
  • Length:
    • Initial post should be at least 250 words.
    • Replies should be at least 100 words each.
  • Responses:
    • Respond to at least 2 fellow students’ initial posts. Do not simply compliment them on a job well done. Ask questions and/or provide thoughtful insight and continue the discussion they have started.
    • You are also expected to reply to anyone who responds to your initial post. This is our place for our classroom discussion, so it’s important to keep the conversation going!

*Please refer to the rubric in Week 1 for grading details.

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