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Week 6 Assignment simulation project


write a one to two-page paper on your progress with the simulation.(This is going to be separte from the other) I will put in the attachment tree diferrent week so you can see the progress and make this one and also will help you with the following assignments

Also in a separate paper write:

1) Prepare a written report based on the following points and format requirements.

Format: APA format (Cover Page, Abstract, Introduction, Main body (with the content of the points below), Conclusions. 3-4 pages.

Points to be considered (choose and write about your results/experiences with topics below)

2.1. Highlights of your plan including your objectives and how you chose to achieve those objectives.

2.2. Your café logo and advertisement/storefront (if applicable).

2.3. The number of servers employed and wages.

2.4. Your financial performance, including a discussion of important items on your income statement and balance sheet.

2.5. Key success factors in BizCafe.

2.6. Important “take-aways” from the simulation experience.

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