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Welcome to your first paper (out of five)! Before I discuss Paper One, I want to



Welcome to your first paper (out of five)!Before I discuss Paper One, I want to jump ahead and mention your your final paper, Paper Five. Your final paper in this course will be similar to an empirical manuscript that researchers submit to academic journals. It takes a lot of work, but we want to make the process as painless for you as possible. Rather than just turning in one final paper, you will turn in sections of the paper and get feedback on your work. You will then merge your first four papers together into one final fifth paper. Make sure to read over our feedback and incorporate changes we might suggest into your final paper!While each paper focuses on a specific part of your manuscript, all papers have supporting materials to help you craft your paper. Each paper includes paper instructions (which are long and detailed but worth reading!), a grading rubric, a checklist, and an example paper from a prior semester. If you look over ALL FOUR items, your chances of getting a good grade will improve dramatically!Articles to Use for Paper I: For your first paper, you MUST cite to three of the following articles. You can cite four of them if you like, but you must find a fifth article to cite using PsycInfo. These are listed in no particular order, but make sure to read the abstracts to see how well they will fit in with your own paper. Some might be more relevant to your study than others.

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