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What is a Research Proposal Structure


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There are a few key sections for your research topic proposal. Here is a run down of the sections to include in your paper.Introduction– A few parts of the intro is your lead-in, background information, and your thesis statement. Start your lead-in with an introduction that garners interest with a strong hook. You may quote a controversial statistic you plan to investigate or a question your peers often ask themselves about a contemporary subject. This will setup a strong transition for any background information on the topic which will then follow with your thesis statement. Your thesis is the basis of your paper and should be relevant through the entire text including your conclusion.Literature review– Here you demonstrate your knowledge on your subject. Mention texts you’ve read and how they reinforce the background of your topic proposal and especially any knowledge gaps that serve as a driver for your research.Methodology– Scientific work must be based on logical conclusions and the only way to have consistent and accurate data is through proper technique. In this section detail what experiments or studies you plan to conduct. Ensure your methods are logical and on point with your thesis statement. When another scientist reads your methods, they should be able to duplicate your tests and obtain similar results.Expected Results– It may not seem possible to indicate the expected results, especially when venturing into unknown territory. But with solid background knowledge, you’ll be able to formulate a hypothesis of what to expect. Certainly the results of many college proposal have differed in practice, so don’t get discouraged if your expected results deviate from reality. You’ll have plenty of time to document the discrepancies in your actual paper.Conclusion– Don’t wing this. The conclusion is what leaves the reader with an impression so make it memorable. Restate your thesis, why it is important and what you aim to achieve. Give a consolidated summary to persuade your professor to approve your topic. Research Proposal TopicsWhen you write a research proposal you may be stuck trying to find the best topic that will be interesting and have sufficient material to develop your paper for a high grade. The key here is to be relevant. You may have a pet subject you’re passionate about, but if doesn’t appeal to the larger audience, your paper will likely be rejected. A good tip is to check with academic publications in your field and see what questions leading researchers are working on. This will provide a blueprint that is relevant to your studies and greatly improve the chances of your work being approved. Research Proposal Presentation TipsWhen you pitch your proposal, nothing sells better than confidence. Take time to prepare and think of any questions your audience may ask. You may find it useful to practice with friends and ask for feedback how you can improve the delivery. Ask what they like, or dislike and if they have any questions. It is important to give a good impression as to why your work is important and the questions you will explore. Include a list of visual aids to encourage interest in your work. A few graphs to indicate a problem as well as an explanation of how you intend to solve it will work well to keep your audience engaged and follow your presentation.Professors appreciate the effort you put into your proposal so do not neglect this step. Students who craft the best proposals are seen more serious and are given more authority to follow their passions instead of towing the line with the curriculum. Show that you have what it takes to be a lead scientist in your discipline with a well-crafted proposal. And as always, if you find yourself a rock in a hard place, our professional writers are always available to help you put together a high quality proposal at a moments notice.  “Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you with a guaranteed plagiarism-free A+ quality paper.

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