what is an american


You’ll begin this assignment before we read Crevecoeur. First, provide a Google image that represents your running definition of an American thus far in the course (10% of grade). This image must be appropriate for all audiences.

Then, after we read Crèvecœur’s definition of what an American is, compare and contrast your definition and his (200 words, 60%). What surprised you about his definition? How similar or different was it to your own? Does your opinion of Crèvecœur’s definition change when you remember that the American Crèvecœur is speaking of is STILL a subject of the British crown? Does it change when you remember Crèvecœur is French? Do you have any problems with his definition? Be sure to quote from Crèvecoeur‘s text and cite it appropriately.

Ask a reflective question with your new definition, and you’re done with this part of the discussion board.

Finally, reply to at least two of your peers’ reflective questions (100 words, 10% each). You can also comment on how his or her definition compares or contrasts with your own, or you may comment on how his or her definition varies from Crèvecœur’s.

Also, periodically check your own thread and reply to your instructor’s questions or your peers’ questions.

This discussion board will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and will help students meet the following objective:

1. Students will synthesize their definition of an American thus far.

2. Students will reflect on their definition and compare it that of J. Hector St Jean de Crèvecœur.

This section will help you think about:

1. The value of non-American perceptions about what it means to be an American.


Image 10 Percent

Text Discussion 60 percent

Reflective Question 10 Percent

Peer Discussion 20 Percent

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