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Assignment Instructions:

Using the 16 Personalities, personality test (https://www.16personalities.com/), begin the steps to building your own artistic persona. Once you complete the test and get the results, create a montage of images to represent your personality. Include a short 1-2 paragraph description of your artistic persona, based on both your test results and your own views of your artistic persona. Be creative.

Your montage and writing should include information about:

  • the type of artist you want to be and if your persona relates to the personality test results.
  • the type of music you want to create. (latin music)
  • introspection on the personality test as a tool to help you get creative about the type of artist you want to be.

Be creative– Feel free to have fun with your project image(s). When you are done creating your personality image(s), follow the instructions below for submission.

Here’s what the submission’s quality must have:

  • The post has 1 or more high-quality images that are reflective of your personality type.
  • The photos are clear and details are easily understood.
  • The personality description is an accurate description of you, whether you agree or not.
  • You clearly describe your personality and its relationship to the type of artist persona you want to create.

Must be in the .jpg, .png, and .gif format

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