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White assignment – 421 | Education homework help



  Students will create a formal document that explains an organizational response to a particular sport industry issue. More specifically, students will identify one area/level of sport participation that has been studied this term. For example, you might select youth sports/amateur sports in the community. Next, the student will select a governance issue or problem within the level of participation for which they are interested. For example, the student might select issues related to fundraising within youth sports (Hum & MacLean, page 135). The body of the assignment will offer positions/reactions/solutions for the issue selected.  Students will need to create multiple arguments to support their chosen position/reaction/solution. Based on the information and outline provided in this document, as well as the sample provided, students will write a White Assignement based on the following criteria:  Your assignment must be completed based on the following criteria: · 6 full pages in the body, plus a title page, table of contents and reference page (minimum of 9 total pages);· 1-inch margins;· Double-spaced;· 12-point, Times New Roman font;· 4 scholarly resources; and· 1 biblical passage.You must include the reference information for each source in correct current APA format on a separate page.

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