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Who is the third murderer in Macbeth?


It is an essay that must be 5 paragraphs long: Introductory, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion. Must answer the prompt which is: Who is the third murderer in Macbeth?First two body paragraphs must have 2 direct evidence quotes from Macbeth. The third body paragraph must also have 2 direct pieces of evidence plus a counter argument with another 2 pieces of evidence, so the third paragraph should have a total of 4 pieces of evidence. Additionally, the third paragraph must identify who you perceive to be the most obvious suspect and with textual evidence, eliminate him or her. Therefore 8 total quotes/evidence in the essay from the play Macbeth. THE QUOTES MUST PROVE THE REASON OF WHO THE THRD MURDERER IS. Must also include a works cited. Entire essay must be in MLA Format

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