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“Work Health and Safety in Australia”


Prepare a 1,000 word tutorial paper on the “latest thinking” on a topic to be given to you by your tutor.

  • THE COOSEN LATEST TOPIC IS “Work Health and Safety in Australia”

It is recommended that you use the relevant chapter from your textbook as a starting point for your topic ideas, and then research your topic in more detail by looking for academic articles from the library databases and quality business press publications (for a guide to good journals, see the Learning Resources page).

Using the text, plus a minimum of 10 high quality journal articles and websites, your tutorial paper is to discuss the latest research and thinking on the topic, including the implications for practice. Your paper is to be written as an explanatory essay which identifies and explains the current thought on the topic and its implications for business. This is to be written up in a tutorial paper in a maximum of 1,000 words in length.

1.Ensure this is all related to Australian Content

2.Please reference correctly


Analyse the major themes and debates in the field of employment relations

Legal framework of employment: contracts of employment, workplace discrimination and work health and safety

-Analyse the different theories and perspectives on employment relations and the role of institutional actors including governments, industrial tribunals, trade unions and employer associations

Required text

Bray, M Waring, P Cooper, R and MacNeil, J 2018, Employment Relations: Theory and Practice, 4th edition, McGraw Hill, North Ryde.

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