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read the chapter attached then answer:

What are one or two of the most important takeaways for you from Chapters 1 and 2 of White? (answer this separately)

Then in two pages answer the case from : Health Services Management: Readings, Cases and Commentary, Tenth Edition; McAlearney and Kovner; ISBN 978-1-56793-490-8

Read Kovner Short Case 4 – The First Day (pages 76-77).

Based on what we have studied in the first two chapters of White, what would you suggest Susan put on her list of things to accomplish in the first few weeks on the job and how would you suggest that she prioritize her goals?

Short Case 4 The First Day

Ann Scheck McAlearney

Susan was both thrilled and terrified. Tomorrow was her first day as a man- ager. Having recently completed her master of health administration degree at a prestigious local university, a thorough job search had resulted in her being hired as the new manager of patient accounts at University Health System. She had had numerous interviews with various directors and other managers in the health system, as well as a lunch interview/meeting with six people who would report to her, but those interviews seemed very far away. Susan wanted to make a good impression and get off to a positive start, yet she wasn’t sure what to do first. She had learned the importance of listening in management, but she also knew she was the boss. Further, her own boss, the director of patient care services, had emphasized the importance of get- ting her employees to improve productivity at any cost. Susan had heard that while her new direct reports were nice to one’s face, they had a tendency to complain and scapegoat, and this had led to the sudden departure of the pre- vious manager of patient accounts. She was particularly nervous about being younger than all of her new employees. To quell her fears, Susan decided to list what she wanted to accomplish in her first days and weeks on the job.

Case Questions

1. As a friend of Susan’s considering a similar position, what would you recommend that she put on the list?

2. How would you suggest that she prioritize her goals?

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