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write 3 pages paper that highlight the significant point of the chapter .


Note : I attached the chapter that you need for this assignment.

Objective of Assignment

The goal of the assignment is to provide a 3 page paper that highlights the significant points of the chapter and, specifically, reflects upon the following key theme:

Various dimensions including transportation innovation represent the main impetus for changes in city form leading from pedestrian-based cities to urban places that are remnants of the Industrial Era. How did the processes of improved transportation transform urban spaces?


The following instructions will assist you in preparing and formatting your essay on the role of transportation innovation in the evolution of the modern city.

The paper should be:

  • 3 pages in length
  • * Type written
  • * Include page numbers
  • * Double-spaced
  • * With standard margins
  • * 12-point font
  • ~ The submission should also include a title page that contains:
    1. ) A meaningful title that highlights the goals of your evaluation
  • ~ All sources used for this report should be referenced within your paper, and also indicated at the end of the paper under “References”.

* Please refer to Purdue’s APA Style Guide. Format Notes

Some general observations about writing an academic essay:

  • ~ Only use ‘I’ to emphasize the content in the essay that is your own analysis.
  • ~ Only use direct quotations for important points, otherwise paraphrase the author’s writing and include an in-text reference.

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