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write 6 pages in 6 hours, I will pay more if I get a perfect work. i have the brainstorm


please see the attachment ( brainstorm – instructions- lecture)

Purpose:Reflection is the conscious exploration of one’s experiences.A reflective essay is a form of writing that examines the development of the writer’s individual experience.

Task: This assignment is designed to be a practice in cultural humility (review readings by Hohman (2013) and Schuessler et al., (2012).You will take part in an activity that challenges you to learn more about yourself and others who may have different social identities and experiences than your own.For instance, some students have attended a service for a religion different than theirs, used a wheelchair at a grocery store, ate a meal at a social service agency that serves free meals, and volunteered at a food bank.

You will reflect on your experience and apply the course concepts we have covered thus far (e.g., social identities, intersectionality, privilege, socialization, and cultural humility) in your reflection.Keep in mind that this is not a social experiment. Your intent is not to deceive others (e.g., wear certain clothing to “look poor”) or solely observe others.Your task is to learn about diverse groups of people and about yourself in the process.

Audience: Although your instructor and TA will read your paper, assume that the reader is not in the class and is unfamiliar with the course concepts.You must define course concepts in your own words and cite relevant readings.You are also expected to use the language you have learned in class in your essay (e.g., writing about privilege rather than “being lucky”).Demonstrate your understanding of course concepts and flesh your ideas out as much as possible for the reader. Provide rich detail about your affect (emotions), cognitions (thoughts), and behavior to help the reader obtain a rich understanding of your experience.

Length/format: 5-7 pages double-spaced (excluding title page and references), APA style (title page, 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, headers, 1” margins.).Use the APA style template posted on Canvas to write your essay.You are allowed to use first person for this assignment (e.g., “I felt that…).Do not include another person’s name or address in your paper, use a pseudonym when referring to someone else. All activities must be approved by the professor before you participate in the activity.

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