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Write a discussion post and two replies


The discussion should be 100-150 words and the prompt is: Some Central and Eastern European countries have taken conservative policy stances when it comes to issues of LGBT rights and abortion. In Poland, for example, abortion is illegal in almost all circumstances. Despite opposition from Western governments, the policies have been implemented by democratically elected governments and have mass public support. Policymakers in these countries often express resentment for Western leaders condemning these policies as “undemocratic.” Are these conservative social policies implemented in Eastern Europe undemocratic? Why or why not?

Each reply should be around 50 words.

Reply 1: Democracy includes a fundamental right to choose. This, in my opinion, includes the right for a woman to choose what happens to her body and get an aborition. Although Eastern Europe is strictly conservative at its core and their policies reflect the popular opinion of their constituents, I think that taking this fundamental right away from a woman is undemocratic. If Eastern European women do not want to have an abortion because of their conservative beliefs, then that is their choice. However that should not influence ALL women’s rights to choose. If other women want to have an abortion, then they should also be allowed to select that alternative.

Reply 2: I do not think a woman’s reproductive rights should be politicalized at all first and foremost. A main aspect, as a part of democratic regimes, is individual rights, such as freedom of speech, etc. Women in society have historically and continuously been oppressed and democracy tries it best to get minority voices as part of the government. Women should be protected under democracy and have the right to choose what they do. Anti-abortion laws just put women at risk and stigmatize women’s healthcare for when they do seek help for reproductive concerns. I do not think it is fair for Eastern European countries to restrict these women’s rights.

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