write a ​Parent Letter


For this assignment you will write a Parent Letter Overview – Parent letter should be 1 page

  • Write a monthly newsletter to parents about your theme.
  • Must be at least paragraphs or sections.
  • Can include graphics. Be creative!

Paragraph 1 – Introduction into the feelings theme.

Paragraph 2 – Learning activities that you will be doing in class. Think highlights! Include what the kids will be learning without going into too much teacher jargon. Parents like to read about academics. Think about your objectives here!

Paragraph 3 – Suggestions on what parents can do to help including donations, books to read, trips to take, discussion to have at home etc. Include a closing.

You can also include any reminders, special events or other things you need parents to know.

  • A note about reminders – Don’t overwhelm parents and become “naggy.” Choose 2-3 things per month to “remind” parents about. If you write too much, they will not read it.
  • You are a teacher! (Real Talk here) If you do not have proper grammar, capitalization and spelling in your letter, do you think parents will trust that you can teach their children?

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