write a survey


1– Take a survery of at least 10 people. Ask them the following- what are 3 important characteristics of friendship to you? What does love mean to you? How many times have you been in love?

Compare your results. What surprised you? What was the most interesting definition of love someone gave? Do you feel this is an accurate representation of a greater population?

2- write a reply on this peer’s post:

After taking the survey of 10 people I learned how similar their characteristics were. The three characteristics were loving, caring, and supportive. I personally feel that the definition of love is different in today’s society. Back in the day the definition of love was commitment. You stay with the person you love forever no matter what. It’s hard to imagine what your life would be without your partner. The person you love is someone who you share an emotional and physical connection with. You can trust them and feel comfortable with them where you can be yourself. Some of the people I interviewed talked about what love meant to them. Some talked about their family members and others talked about their hobbies. I would say half of the people I talked to said they were only in love 1 time and the other half said about 5-6 times they had been in love. The older individuals I talked to marry their high school sweetheart and the younger individuals were in love with several different people instead of one. I feel like this is accurate because I feel like individuals who are in their 20s-30s in today’s society has fallen in love more than once. It’s hard to find the right one right away because in today’s society everyone has different views on love. There are some people who just want to hook up instead of having a long commitment. The most interesting definition of love someone gave me was having someone to grow old together and travel the world. I think this surprised me the most because the person who said it was young. I didn’t really think they would want to settle at a young age, but they do. It’s interesting to examine what people think about love and if their definiton of love is similar to yours.

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